About Tracey


TraceyTravisTunes, LLC was created by Tracey Travis Lee. Tracey has over 30 years experience in the music industry – ranging from years of singing in bands, deejaying weddings and parties for over 20 years, to being a published poet in the Who’s Who in American Poetry and Best Poets (Eber & Wein) many times over, to writing lyrics/scripting, producing, directing and putting on her own stage productions and musical skits for a large corporation for many years, including her own musical production in The Playhouse Theatre in Wilmington, DE for 1,600 people.

With a background full of many facets of the music and entertainment industry, this allows Tracey to create the perfect jingle for your company!

Tracey believes that a great beat – the right lyrics – and instinct - along with the right mix of outstanding musicians – which vary from jingle to jingle (so as to never have a “cookie cutter” sound) is the secret to a great jingle!

You don’t want your jingle to sound like all the others – you want an original and authentic sound that is yours alone – because your company is yours alone – unique in its own right.

Tracey’s unique creativity – along with the area’s top musicians – work together to make your jingle one-of-a-kind. Your tune will be customized to fit your business while driving up sales and brand recognition.

A great jingle sets you apart!  It says “I am here.”  “Use my services.”  “I Rock!”


Top Reasons To Use TraceyTravisTunes, LLC


With TraceyTravisTunes, LLC, you will get the benefits of the following:

• Wealth of knowledge and experience

• Memorable and effective musical hooks

• 100% original / authentic lyrics and melodies

• Utilizing the area’s best and most talented musicians

• State–of-the-art music production

• A catchy, memorable, FUN jingle


Your jingle is your “sound” brand that gives your company a personality and style in the marketplace – so get it out there!

All jingles are authentic and uniquely tailored and created (for your business) after careful discussion with the client.

Your tune will be customized to fit your business while driving up sales and brand recognition.

A single jingle can speak volumes about your business (services, location, slogan, etc.).  It projects an image in a fun way!

With an extensive background in music and writing, Tracey instinctively knows how to craft your important key points and buzzwords into a catchy, fun and memorable jingle – one that captures the essence and personality of your company – that gets your message across and leaves a lasting impression in the audiences’ head that they will replay again and again, thus increasing your sales and visibility.

You may have a great logo – a great building – and a great service, but do you have a great jingle to go with it?  Can you imagine driving down the road and you hear this catchy beat – catchy tune playing – and it’s your jingle?!

Give Tracey a call for a free consultation to discuss your project and amp up your business to a new level!