Let’s cut to the chase! Jingles are FUN and informative and a fantastic way to get your business name out there!

Imagine, you’re driving down the road listening to the radio . . . and this catchy tune comes on – and it’s your jingle! 

Now that’s entertainment . . . I mean – advertising!

If you have never thought about a jingle – now is the time – and why not?  
Your business is worth it!

So you think you want a jingle?  Okay – so you make the decision to take a leap and do something marvelous and exciting for your company.

Contact TraceyTravisTunes, LLC and arrange for a free personal consultation with Tracey, who will come to your place of business to get all the particulars of your company . . . to understand the essence and personality of your company.  You will also fill out a 10 question “Jingleaire” that will give a little more insight to your business and help Tracey in understanding your jingle needs and particulars.

Then Tracey will get to work creating your jingle!

Whether a catchy tag line, (Jinglette; 10-20 seconds) or a 30 second or 45-60 second jingle – your tune will stand out and have its own catchy style.

What to expect

There are several steps in creating your jingle:

  • 1. The consultation and Jingleaire
  • 2. Creation of lyrics and melody
  • 3. Client check-in
  • 4. Creative mix
  • 5. Bringing the jingle to life
  • 6. Record the jingle
  • 7. Present Radio Ready jingle to client

Tracey will explain these steps to you in the consultation.

After your approval of the rough draft/lyrics of your jingle, the jingle magic happens. Professional musicians and vocalists – the area’s finest – come together to bring their unique styles and talents and breathe life into your jingle, a unique piece of music all your own!

Your jingle will be recorded in a state-of-the-art studio and handed to you “Radio Ready” for you to put on as many radio stations as you wish!

Your jingle will be your brand – uniquely created for you – by the professionals at TraceyTravisTunes, LLC!

You may have a great logo – a great building – a great service or product – but do you have a great jingle to go with it?

Amp up your advertising with a jingle and let a TraceyTravisTunes, LLC jingle be the great thing you do for your business this year!

Give Tracey a call for a free consultation to discuss your project and take your business to a new level!

Give your company a voice – a singing voice, that is!